Robert J Ennis lives in Warwickshire and studied at Coventry University and Trinity College. He has degrees in English language & literature, philosophy, history and international relations and studied and practices holistic medicine.

Robert plots his artistic journey from both ends of the arian world, building layer upon layer of impression through his childhood influences of Persian geometric patterns, design and colour, pilgrimages to Ireland, artefacts of the Catholic church and fascination of texture of form. His influences has been enhanced by the writings of Omar Khayam and James Joyce.


The awakening of his identity?

The unshackling of his soul?

Adult life, solitude and nostalgia

Robert pushed into the depths of his psyche where he interpreted his experiences.

A catalyst of his art?

Always, the fascination with visual forms.

"The work of Robert Ennis spans a wide range of emotional registers... it has a richness and variety that is quite rare and stimulating.

Much of Ennis’ work has its derivation in landscape. Images of water, lakes and trees are metamorphosed into a blend of graphic and textural combinations, creating abstract compositions that communicate something direct and specific with the viewer. Some pieces are more abstract than others, the references lying underneath the surface, tugging gently at the eye, suggesting something that is familiar but elusive. Others seem quite obvious, but are actually are subtle combinations of various different images, fusing together different layers of texture and of colour, as if several landscapes have been merged...

Ennis’s work can also be quite literal. We may recognise the image, but he has engulfed it in flames, or cast it into surreal, psychedelic colours. He has a delightfully reckless touch with colour, creating very diverse palettes, ranging from compositions that are quite organic, using blends of autumnal colours, while others defy nature and are violently synthetic. Sometimes he mixes nature’s images with his more artificial colouration, creating a discomforting but arresting effect.

Ennis' body of work is very exciting.... driven by a wonderfully fertile imagination."

Andrew Moore